Free Whippits is a VR diorama viewer, inspired by the antique dioramas used for set design of the opera. We studied and replicated dioramas (both by artistic reproduction, and by photogrammetry) from the BnF archives. These original pieces are so historically important and beautiful, yet can not be shown due to their fragility. We have recreated them here for your enjoyment, in a form which is impossible to destroy. Free Whippits is on iOS for touch screens and Google VR. This project was done in collaboration with painter Stephen Appleby Barr, sound designer Nicholas Morrison, and gracious cooperations from the BnF in Paris.

Photogrammetry recreation of La Dame de Monsoreau in Free Whippits

Artistic recreation of Tristan and Isolde in Free Whippits

Artistic recreation in Free Whippits

Artistic recreation in Free Whippits

Process Work and References:

Original diorama from Galica archives, which was reproduced by Stephen Appleby-Barr for the App

Handmade copy of the La Dame de Monsoreau diorama, so we could figure out exactly how the pieces fit before digitally recreating in Unity.