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Designer & Artist & Developer
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2009, Graduated with honours, Illustration BAA program at Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada

Selected Screenings & Installations

2019, "Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates",, Berlin, Germany 
2019, “BrainModes & My Virtual Dream”, Kollektiv träumen, Fiction Forum, Berlin, Germany
2019, “BrainModes & My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2019, "BrainModes", Berliner Hoffest, Berlin, Germany
2019, "Data Mutations", A Gallery, Avant Beetle, Atlanta
2018, "Data Mutations", BOABF2018 Breakoff Art Book Fair, Taiwan
2018, "Data Mutations", Total Immersion, State of the Art, Berlin
2018, "Data Mutations", Slamdance DIG, Slamdance, Los Angeles
2018, "Data Mutations", Fantastic Arcade, Austin
2018, “BrainModes & My Virtual Dream”, Tag der personalisierten Medizin, Urania, Berlin, Germany
2018, “BrainModes & My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2018, “BrainModes”, The Virtual Brain Node 6, Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2018, "Data Mutations", Amaze, Berlin
2018, “Data Mutations”, Transmediale Vorspiel, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin, Germany
2017, “Data Mutations”, Talk & Play, Game Science Center, Berlin
2017, “Data Mutations”, Games Not Games, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia
2017, “Data Mutations”, ąяţǥąʍ€$ 016, Spektrum, Berlin
2017, “BrainModes & My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2017, “My Virtual Dream”, SingularityU Germany Summit, Berlin Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
2017, “BrainModes & The Virtual Brain”, Digital Future Opening Event, Einstein Center, Berlin, Germany
2016, “Artefact Decomposition”, Vernissage, Speakeasy, Berlin, Germany
2016, “My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Museen, Game Science Center, Berlin, Germany
2016, “My Virtual Dream”, Local Multiplayer, Computerspiele Museum, Berlin, Germany
2016, “My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2016, “My Virtual Dream”, VIP event, Baycrest Hospital, Toronto, Canada
2015, live coding installation, 32C3, Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
2015, “My Virtual Dream”, 50th anniversary, University of California, Irvine, California, USA
2015, “My Virtual Dream”, VIP event, University of California, Irvine, California, USA
2015, “My Virtual Dream”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany
2015, “My Virtual Dream”, BRAINFEST, Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada
2014, “APOP”, Atomic Lollipop, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada
2014, “Sound Crystal”, Another Dark Day Passes, OCAD University Student Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2013, “Pandi”, Rendezvous with Madness, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto, Canada
2013. “My Virtual Dream”, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada
2013, “My Virtual Dream”, Press Release, Massey College, Toronto, Canada
2013, “Pandi”, Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival, Mumbai, India
2013, “Pandi”, Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Canada
2013, “Pandi”, Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
2012, “The Virtual Brain”, Society for Neuroscience 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Selected Press

2020 May 23rd, "Wild Hearts: AAA", A Maze. Magazine
2020 May 15th, "Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates w/ Jack & Gabriel", Utopian Horizons Podcast
2020 May 4th, "Video Games are Art – But what is an "Art Game"?, away from keyboard podcast
2020 April 13th, ‘Utopias’ Asks Us to Imagine a Better Future Together, by Lewis Gordon (VICE)
2019 March 9th, interview IBORG Talks: Utopia (AAA), IBORG
2018 June 22nd, Game Engine Art, Tracks, Arte
2018 April , Data Mutations Shows us an Alternate World of Videogame Development, Outermode, Edmund Toomey
2018 April 3rd, Interview of Petra Ritter by Ursula Stamm, "Forschungsprojekt "Virtual Brain"", RBB Praxis, Info Radio RBB
2017 Nov 15th, “Data Mutations”, CAMP, Interview with Rachael Rosen, Hyphen
2017 April 3rd, Interview “Meet Jessica Palmer, VR Neuroscientist”, Grover’s Blog
2017  April 3rd, BrainModes & The Virtual Brain featured in Abendschau, RBB
2017 March 10th, Wizard Battle and BrainModes featured in Xenius Documentary Series “Comment exploiter la force de la pensée?”, Arte
2016 July 8th, ‘My Virtual Dream’: Collective Neurofeedback in an Immersive Art Environment, PLOS ONE
2015 Nov 25th, TVB-EduPack—An Interactive Learning and Scripting Platform for The Virtual Brain, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics
2015 Nov 23rd, My Virtual Dream and BrainModes featured in “Der gläserne Mensch” Documentary, RBB
2015 Oct 29th, BrainModes featured in “Female Entrepreneurs bei B&B”, Campus Startup News
2013 Nov 7th, Pandi featured in “Crazy Good Lineup: Crying Uncle”, Now Magazine
2013 Oct 4th, My Virtual Dream featured in “A brain-powered art exhibit at Nuit Blanche”, The Toronto Star
2013 June 10th, My Virtual Dream featured in “Nuit Blanche: Toronto's Culture Juggernaut”, Huffington Post

Selected Talks & Presentations

2019 Dec 5th, "Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates",, Berlin, Germany 
2019 April 11th, Observing Humanity thru the Lens of The Sims™, Amaze, Berlin
2018 July 4th, AAA, eGames (The Art of Serious Games), Panke, Berlin
2018 June 20th, Acid Games, Università IULM, Milan
2018, Data Mutations GOTY Edition, Amaze, Berlin
2017 March 16th, Grover Tasting Event, “VR & Neuroscience”, Betahaus, Berlin, Germany
2017 March 8th, #ResistJam, “Very Chill Introduction to Google VR SDK, Unity, and iOS”, YouTube
2016 Dec 7th, After-Work Game Design Drinks III, “Wizard Battle: how does it work and let’s play”, Honig Studios, Berlin, Germany
2016 Dec 5th, ąяţǥąʍ€$ 012, “Wizard Battle: how does it work and let’s play”, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany
2016 October 31st, CreativeVR, “Neuroscience and Virtual Reality”, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany
2016 May 20th, Pydata, “Python and TouchDesigner for Interactive Experiments”, Kosmos, Berlin, Germany
2016 April 11th, ąяţǥąʍ€$ 006, “BrainModes: ideas for neurofeedback in mobile gaming”, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany
2016 March 8th, ąяţǥąʍ€$ 005, “Wizard Battle: a game you play with ur brainwaves”, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany
2015 Nov 17th, ąяţǥąʍ€$ 002, “My Virtual Dream: neurofeedback in experimental works”, Saftladen, Berlin, Germany

Selected Awards

2020 "Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinated", Nominated for A MAZE. Award, Berlin
2018, “Data Mutations”, Nominated for A MAZE. Award, Berlin

Programs & Skills

Adobe Software, Atlassian Software, Blender, Unity, Xcode, TouchDesigner, GitLab, NextCloud, Godot.

Python, C#, Motion Graphics & Animation, 3D Models & 3D Scanning, Signal Processing & Data Driven Real Time Animation, Interface Design, Information Design, Conceptual Design, Project Management, Storyboarding, Drawing and Painting.

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