BrainModes is an ongoing research project to visualise the human brain, in real time, with brainwave reading headsets (EEG). Currently, one can view 7 modalities of 3D brain visualisations from neuroscience on mobile or desktop. Muse, Emotiv Epoc, and other EEG headsets can be used to observe personalised brain activity in the App. Additionally, we have created some fun games using brain data, which can teach you how to maintain brain states like relaxation and concentration. Created in Unity, and custom libraries, this is a research project in collaboration with Charité University of Medicine, with a talented and diverse team lead by Dr. Petra Ritter.

Concept art and promotional image for Brainmodes, featuring artist Diana VanderMeulen as the model

Title screen of the brain visualiser, with our current suite of modalities.

Brain Atlas, where one can click on parts of the brain and learn more about that region in English, Arabic, Hebrew or German. One can also click on the names of functions to highlight associated regions with a small explanation. You can try this scene in a browser here:

Firing rates brain model in VR, the bubbles are teleportation way points.

Tractography brain model in VR, the bubbles are teleportation way points.

Focus & Relaxation powered game featuring a running and flying cat.

A BrainModes concept video I created for promotional material.

Progress Work and Exhibitions:

2016, “BrainModes”, Lange Nacht der Museen, Game Science Center, Berlin, Germany

Amna and Omar, past members of BrainModes, working in the lab at Charité

2017, “BrainModes & The Virtual Brain”, Digital Future Opening Event, Einstein Center, Berlin, Germany

Concept art for various brain wave powered games we are working on for BrainModes

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