Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates is a project by the international art collective, AAA. While we all worked on each others Utopias extensively, my main contribution is A Phase Locked Planet, an earth-like exoplanet where one side is perpetually night and other is perpetually day. I collaborated mainly with Nicholas Morrison, who did the sound design and helped with the over all concept. I did the art, writing and programming.

This project was fully self organised by AAA, and not affiliated with any other organisation.

For more information about the whole project Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates, please see the AAA collective website: https://utopias.aaasoftwa.re/ where there are many other Utopias to be discovered.

For concept notes about A Phase Lock Planet, please see my blog post about it: https://aaasoftwa.re/aaa003-utopias-spotlight-jessica/

Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates title screen

A Phase Lock Planet

Looking into the sun side desert

The sanctuary between perpetual light and dark

Entering the dark side tundra

Utopias installation at panke.gallery

Some cool cats playing Utopias at panke.gallery

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